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  • By Dominika
    80.000 BD

    1 Day Nail Art Training 80 bd / per person

    During a four- hour training session

    You will learn how to dance each one decoration techniques into beautiful and quick-to-make bags that will delight your clients.

    Instructor guides you into the secrets of combining effects with each other,

    • Chrome effect
    • Ombre,
    • Accessories such as foil,
    • Rhinestones
    • Structural design
    • Snake skin
    • Babyboomer
    • Ornaments
    • Marble
    • Caviar to obtain many unique patterns.

    You will find a combination of even several of them. You will learn various techniques and techniques and you will see that nail styling is a real art.

    Training duration: 4 hours

  • By Dominika
    150.000 BD

    1 Day Training for Gel Nail Extensions 150 bd / per person

    Training for beginners

    People who want to start their adventure with gel

    Completion is a requirement Russian gel manicure training.

    Theoretical part:

    • Types of gels
    • Types of shapes
    • Necessary preparations
    • Step by step treatment
    • Structure of gel nails
    • Correct positioning of the form

    Practical part:

    • Building a tunnel
    • Sawing technique
    • Painting under the cuticles
    • Almond-shaped structure
    • Model work (1 hand)
    • Place the mold in the shape of an almond

    Training duration: 6 hours

  • By Dominika
    130.000 BD

    1 Day Training for Russian gel manicure 130bd/ per person

    Theoretical part:

    • Occupational health and safety
    • Disinfection and sterilization

    Nail structure

    • Nail diseases + Selection of tools

    Work step by step:

    Practical part:

    Working as a model

    • Giving the correct shape

    Correct preparation of the tile

    • How to make perfect cuticles, proper operation of the drill machine

    Cutting out cuticles

    Hybrid base superstructure

    Correct distribution of the product

    • Perfect painting under the cuticles

    How to take the perfect photo

    Training duration: 6 hours

  • 5.000 BD

    Luxuriate in opaque, creamy pastel pink polish. This über-girly nail color puts a pretty paradise at your beautifully manicured fingertips.

  • 5.000 BD

    Sugary, soft and sweet. This lovely nail color is just totally irresistible, especially for French manicures. Cloudy sheer white lacquer is confection perfection.

  • 5.000 BD

    Classic and bold. The perfect shade of truly rich red lacquer – universally flattering in winter, spring, summer & fall. Brush it on and paint the town fabulous.

  • 5.000 BD

    Live dangerously. A fiery, exciting, classic bright red cream polish with subtle orange undertones, sure to turn heads. Lady luck was never so lovely.