Farmacia By Yara: The First Robotic Pharmacy In The Middle East!

There is no denying, we have entered a new era of rapid technological change and artificial intelligence. In order to survive in a digital society, we understand the importance of embracing and keeping pace with changes in innovation and technology.

We are continuously exploring untapped potentials, looking for ways to push the limits, to give our customers that “wow” factor feel…and so we thought, a robotic pharmacy – why the heck not?


Featuring a German-imported robot, Farmacia By Yara’s automated dispensing system allows for super speed input and retrieval of over 17,000 types of medicines. Our pharmacists can now concentrate on serving you without any delays or interruption.

Who said running errands has to be dreadfully boring?

Meet Our Pharmacists

Nazi Syed


Hayam Ibrahim


Deepa Seetha

Pharmacist Technician