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  • White Waffle Textured Robe Hospitalia
    15.000 BD

    Relax in this lightweight, waffle textured bathrobe inspired by the world’s finest spas. Features one chest pocket, two hip pockets, a folded collar, a secure waist tie and custom Hospitalia By Yara black logos, both on front pocket as well as back of robe. Unisex.

  • 5.000 BD
    • Use: Hand Towel
    • Size: 50cm * 80cm
    • Color: Black
  • 5.000 BD
    • Use: Face Towel
    • Size: 32cm * 38cm
    • Color: Black
  • 17.500 BD

    Sometimes fashion can go out the window in favor of comfort. With our exclusive loungewear collection, you can enjoy both. Wear in or out of the house, whether it’s for a food re-supply run, a long flight or a girls day out. These sweatpants are versatile and multi-functional, with a unique design and flared cut to give you freedom while moving.

    100% cotton. A material so soft it feels like a giant hug. Features an elasticated waistband for an adjustable, comfortable fit. Model wearing one-size (free-size).

    Care instructions:
    •Dry clean only
    •Cool iron
    •Do not bleach
    •Wash according to instructions on care label

  • Yara Crop top & Shorts ADULT SIZE
    12.500 BD

    Perfect for any casual outing or even just lounging around the house. This cozy crop top and shorts coord set features a loose fit silhouette, round neckline and an elasticated waist. Durable, lightweight, and easy to wear, this is a versatile and comfortable option for warmer days.

    Model wearing one-size (free size).

    Care instructions
    •Dry clean only
    •Cool iron
    •Do not bleach
    •Wash according to instructions on care label

  • 18.500 BD

    A roomy pullover with a universal appeal, this lightweight oversized unisex hoodie is cut from soft 100% cotton. It features a classic hood, kangaroo pocket, and ribbed cuffs. Breathable and cozy, it’s the easy extra layer your closet needs.

    Model wearing one-size (free-size).

    Care instructions:
    •Dry clean only
    •Cool iron
    •Do not bleach
    •Wash according to instructions on care label

  • 12.000 BD

    There’s something so therapeutic about the gentle glow of a flickering flame. There’s no denying that healing crystals help instill in us a sense of calm and inner peace.

    Crafted from the highest quality natural soy wax, our candles are non toxic and clean burning. With a minimalistic matte-black design, soft velvety texture and gorgeous gift packaging, who can resist?

    Shop our 2 soothing scents.

  • 17.000 BD

    Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body ensuring the health and youth of your hair, skin and nails, and as we age, our bodies become less efficient at producing this vital building block. Presenting to you the most high-quality brand worldwide, Vital Proteins.

    Here are just a few benefits from taking collagen daily:
    •Glowing skin
    •Youthful appearance
    •Joint health
    •Bone strength
    •Healthy hair, skin and nails

    Scoop, stir and sip. Mix into your coffee or add to your daily smoothie!

  • 16.000 BD

    The perfect book for anyone who wants to know the secrets to always looking fresh-faced with minimal effort. Beauty and Style Director at Buro and formerly of ELLE magazine, Sophie Beresiner, and makeup artist and podcast host, Lisa Potter-Dixon, join forces to share their knowledge of skincare products and makeup brands, offering advice for every issue.

    Sophie and Lisa offer their own brand of no-nonsense beauty advice; they’re not here to endorse products or get advertising–this is real advice for real women (and men!). Focusing on what affects the appearance of your skin, Sophie and Lisa offer up solutions to help you tailor-make a routine that works. They share their tips for creating makeup looks for every day as well as for when you need to wow! There are chapters that list occasions when you want to look your best. Discover how to manage beauty care away from home, including vacation prep and the best ways to protect your skin from sun damage.

    W: 16.3cm, H: 22.8cm, D: 2.1cm

  • 18.000 BD

    By Jane Eastoe

    A floral gardening guide to the popular peony flower! This book features an eclectic selection of peonies with over 60 varieties ― from those with the best visual appearance and the most fragrant perfume, to those that are easiest to grow and produce the best cutting flowers.


    • Comments on each bloom
    • Easy-to-follow growing advice
    • Glorious photography

    The perfect gift for an avid gardener or anyone who appreciates the romance of the majestic peony.

    240 pages
    7.5” x 10”

  • 16.500 BD

    In this collection of more than 40 columns, New York Times beauty writer Bee Shapiro gets the world’s most photographed people to share their most intimate rituals: daily skin care regimens, opinions on makeup, hair care, diet and exercise, and the way beauty has evolved for each person over the course of his or her life.

    Beauty—unlike fashion—is something almost anyone can participate in and still have stellar results: the moisturizer that Emma Roberts buys at Whole Foods is just as accessible to any other 26-year-old.Skin Deep is an in-depth look at the surprising role that beauty plays in our lives, the large or small amount of work it involves on a daily basis, the money spent, the time taken, and what it means to everyone from ballet dancers to musicians, models to powerful entrepreneurs. You’ll learn how Kylie Jenner gets Instagram-ready; the preferred face mask of supermodel Natalia Vodianova; what beauty staples Olympian Allyson Felix uses off the track; and exactly what makes Martha Stewart’s skin-care regimen cost $2,000.

    Including 10 new subjects, alongside favorites like Gwyneth Paltrow, Priyanka Chopra, and Anna Kendrick, plus sidebars and photography, Skin Deep takes an intriguing look at contemporary beauty, not only through entertaining celebrity interviews, but with in-depth guidance from names like Christophe Robin and Patrick Ta, as well as other beauty experts, and through Shapiro’s own look at popular trends—for both a sense of context and a wealth of applicable beauty advice.

    W: 17.8cm, H: 22.9cm, D: 2.54cm