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  • 4.500 BD

    Open-faced organic dark castro toastie with mashed avocado and large brown eggs of your choice. Chili flakes served on side.

  • 4.500 BD

    Open-faced multi grain sourdough toastie with feta cheese, tomato, avocado and large brown eggs of your choice.

  • Viral Tunacado ToastieViral Tunacado Toastie
    3.700 BD

    The tiktok viral, wildly popular “Tunacado” features toasted sourdough rye bread, a delicious tuna mousse, perfectly ripe, rich, and creamy avocado and of-course, thinly sliced tomato. Simple, straightforward and scrumptious!

  • 2.800 BD

    Textures that complement each other perfectly to make the most satisfying vegetarian toastie! If you haven’t tried it yet — this is your sign! Halloumi, avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, arugula, pesto, dijon mustard and pomegranate all sandwiched between two warm and fresh slices of homemade multi-grain sourdough bread.

  • 3.700 BD

    The building blocks used to create our ultimate chicken toastie include fresh multi-grain sourdough bread, grilled chicken, avocado, arugula, oak leaves, dijon, pomegranate, sun-dried tomatoes and herby homemade pesto.

    That’s all it takes to create a winner.

  • 5.000 BD

    Our open faced classic avocado toast but with a poached, boiled or sunny side up egg on top. The gang’s all here; mashed creamy ripe avocado, set atop our multigrain sourdough bread, then simply dressed in pumpkin seeds, chili flakes and pine nuts.

    • Contains nuts
  • 3.500 BD

    Looking to spice up your day? Order this JATJ inspired toastie, (that’s Joe & The Juice for short).

    This incredible multi-grain sourdough tuna toastie is made with fresh tomatoes, dill, pesto, jalapeño and tabasco. We’d happily devour this all day everyday.