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  • Collagen Chocolate Bar
    2.700 BD
    • 83.5% bitter dark chocolate.
    • One package contains 5000 mg of Collagen.
    • Collagen for anti-aging effect.
    • A pack consists of 4 separate bars.
    • 1 bar is an average of 58 calories.
    • It is made from sugar beet and does not contain sweeteners or sugar.
  • 4.000 BD

    There’s nothing “plain Jane” about this 12 OZ tub of vegan, gluten-free, vanilla ice cream. Made exclusively in-house and carefully crafted with a blend of all-natural, refined sugar free ingredients. It’s well rounded and balanced, light, creamy and refreshing and made with a coconut base.

    No preservatives, fillers or colouring agents were used in the production of this ice cream and it’s only 60 calories per serving (tub contains 3.4 servings).

  • 3.300 BD15.000 BD

    If you need a pick-me-up while you’re busy running errands, in between meetings or doing household chores — our vegan energy balls will help you power through the day. They’re super healthy, made from all-natural ingredients. Order a pouch of 5 or a box of 24, whatever tickles your fancy.

    3 Types:
    •Coconut, date and chia.
    •Dark choc, date and almond.
    •Pistachio, date and orange.

  • Out of Stock
    3.300 BD

    There’s nothing like being greeted by the smell of freshly baked, homemade, warm banana bread! You’ll get two slices of banana bread topped with silky smooth and super creamy (but dairy free) coyo yoghurt, and fresh seasonal berries. Heck yes!

  • 3.300 BD12.500 BD

    Perfectly golden brown and crunchy, these almond, ginger and coconut cookies are oh-so-good. Dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with almond flakes and unsweetened shredded coconut — ugh, we’re here for it. Comes in a pouch of 4 cookies or a box of 20.

    •Contains nuts

  • 3.500 BD

    We know that saying these are the “best brownies ever” is a bold statement, but we truly believe it. They’re rich, they’re dense, they’re fudgy and moist (please don’t get mad at us for using that word) — best of all, they’re vegan!