Animalia By Yara: Combining Cats, Coffee & Community In Purr-fect Luxury!

There’s nothing quite like a cat purring in your lap as you guzzle your morning coffee in a calm and tranquil resort like space. At Animalia, we believe in providing our little furry friends nothing but the very best and latest of everything.

The best home, the best cuddles, toys, beds and high-tech litter boxes (yes, you heard that right)! Luxury is in every minute detail. Join our mission to build a better life for animals through kindness and compassion, education, awareness and healthcare.

Not only can you sit back, relax and enjoy cheeky treats and a cup of our finest Italian roast specialty coffee whilst playing with our adorable kitties, you can also shop the prettiest pet products at Animalia Atélier. From collars, leashes and pet beds to travel accessories, interactive toys and so much more, we share our can’t-live-without pet essentials that’ll blend seamlessly into your home and provide your babies with a lifetime of safety, comfort, and joy. After all, pets bring us so much joy, so why shouldn’t they be spoiled?

Cats, coffee and community — what’s not to love? Come and meet our kittens today! Barbie, Ken, Luna, Gigi & Bella are waiting for you to pet them.

Animalia By Yara

Meet Our Kitties


Our ice grey Scottish shorthair princess! Sassy, bougie and classy. Love cuddles and attention!


Our British baby! She's a curious one. Loves exploring and is super chilled and sociable.


I mean look at that over-the-shoulder pose! Our British shorthair is quite the model!


Our little goofball! She's hilariously klutzy and awkward in the most endearing way! love affection.


Despite having a reputation for being an aloof alpha, this Persian beauty is a big softie at heart!


A shy, sweet and calm Persian fluff ball. Easy going. Just minds her own business really!


Our little golden Scottish fold! Mischevious, playful and full of energy. The cute factor is out of control!