Hospitalia By Yara

Beauty With A Cause: Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) involves entering a special chamber to breathe in pure oxygen in air pressure levels up to 3 times higher than average. What this incredible treatment does is raise oxygen solubility in the blood and accelerate oxygen-dependent body functions, from heartbeat to thinking and moving.

This well-established therapy is used to help with a wide variety of medical conditions and concerns. From arterial gas embolism to carbon monoxide poisoning to wounds, injuries and much more.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment has also been found to alleviate symptoms in patients diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Autism affects the way our brain adjusts to certain things such as speech and everyday behavior, and although there is no cure, there are certainly things that can help manage the condition.

Team Hospitalia is proud to have donated a special and lovely little patient named Sara with 40 sessions of HBOT to help build her capillaries and increase blood flow to her brain and other oxygen deprived areas, which means giving Sara more energy to perform her daily tasks.

“At Hospitalia by Yara, our patients become our family.”